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Diesel In Petrol

Putting diesel in petrol car is one of the most common with drivers around all over the UK, but don’t worry; in most cases, this problem is fixable. This problem mostly occurs due to a mix-up of mislabeling of cans that carry diesel or maybe because of tiredness or because of the distractedness with other things. When you add the incorrect fuel in the car, Auto Fuel Doctor helps you in your time of necessity. There are times when you put diesel in the petrol car by mistake and drive off without recognizing the error. Moreover, this can further damage the car and prove to be more expensive to the owner. Putting diesel in petrol car can be very dangerous to the vehicle and even for your safety. Even a small amount of diesel in petrol car can evidence to be flammable, and your life can be at risk.

Have You Added Diesel in Petrol Car?

Firstly, you don’t need to be worried about; Auto fuel doctor will rescue you. As you find out any wrong fuel problem, you must turn off your engine. DO NOT TURN ON YOUR ENGINE and even don’t insert your key into the switch as this can initiate the electric pump in the tank and circulate the mistaken fuel. A full fuel drain is essential to be carried out. Otherwise, the circulation of the wrong fuel can damage the engine. Contact us as soon as possible so we can help anytime, anywhere. One of our expert team will be on your to rescue you. So calm down and just wait.

Signs to look out for:

If you have made a mistake of putting diesel in petrol vehicle and you don’t know how to recognize it, so following are some of the symptoms or signs which let the driver that something had happened and it needs to be fixed. If your vehicle is not starting at all. If your engine has lost its power. If your engine starts coughing or doing spluttering. The knocking engine is one of its most common symptoms. If your car is emitting excessive smoke. If you observe any of the above symptoms, then you may have put the wrong fuel in your car, and to avoid excessive damage to your vehicle, it needs to be fixed. Auto Fuel doctor professionals are very skilled in wrong fuel drain services. Our experts are trained to drain diesel from petrol cars.

What happens if you put diesel in a petrol car?

When you are using mixed fuel in petrol engine than the most common problem you can encounter is that the sparkplugs become coated in smeared in fuel oil and will not further spark properly. Moreover, an improper octane rating can affect the fuel ignition process; it will not burn correctly. Eventually, this will result in excessive smoke, which can affect the catalytic converter and ECU sensors. Also, diesel oil can pass in the oil sump and thin out the vehicle’s oil. In Case, if you didn’t fix it as soon as possible, so the mixture of thinner oil and improper ignition time can result in a worst-case scenario, and these worst-case scenarios are;

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